This is where it all starts. Whether it be a metal sign, lightbox, truck signage or stationary, the design is the most important part of creating an image that reflects your business most effectively. To create a graphic design for your company, it is necessary to keep in mind some design principles and rules. In most cases to have your business stand out… less is more.

  • Design has a purpose. It is utilitarian and explains how to navigate a web site, how to serve a client’s interests and how to convey information.
  • Design is a creative process that starts by converting general information to specific details.
  • Design is also informational. It is a visual language that uses imagery to give meaning to content.
  • Design should follow rules and principles such as balance, contrast, dominance, harmony, rhythm, unity, line, shape, space, texture, value, colour and negative space.

File formats

We are happy to create from scratch or work with your existing logo. To help us in designing or printing your logo we require files to be in one of the following formats:
Adobe Illustrator – ai
Adobe Acrobat Pro – pdf
CorelDRAW – cdr
Portable Document Format – eps

If you don’t have any of the above logo formats we can also use a: bmp, doc, jpg, gif or psd files.

Design Tips

Business Name
Does your name reflect your business purpose? If it isn’t obvious you’ll need to link the name to wording or even better…a graphic. A picture speaks a thousand words! Make your key business known on the sign. Educating your customers as to your purpose in relation to your service.

Remember to choose the right colour to convey the correct feeling and emotion for your company. A few colours will distinguish the message. Many colours, confuse the message and often encourages the eye to pass by. Don’t just choose colours which are “pretty”. Choose colours which evoke feeling toward your business or product and in turn will promote your business. Colours that stand out most are: Black on Yellow or Red on White.

Focal Point
Generally speaking the rules of photography which place the focal point on a “cross-point” can only work if you have a number of objects. It will still be possible if you can work a graphic into the cross point and the wording around it. Alternatively, have your name and logo absorb the greatest part of the sign centre.

Logos and Graphics
Don’t over-decorate your logo. Be sure it’s appropriate for your business and gets the point across. Your logo should be harmonious and obvious.

Optimal negative space should be about 30%. If you stick to this rule it will help you to avoid the problem of crowding with too many colours, fonts and logos.

Like any other facet of the sign the style of text is important. Hence, make it appropriate to the feel you want it to convey. The same colour suggestions apply to fonts. Many different styles don’t allow the eye to move easily around and through the parameters. Without being over simplistic, avoid the chaotic look. An outline can be added to improve legibility. It is also useful to help discriminate between the background and text colour when they are of similar tone. Again, our goal is to make the lettering more easily read.

Now you’ve decided on the lifespan of your signs. What do you want it to say? Only use words that will be understood by your target customers. If it doesn’t mean anything to them, more than likely they won’t respond to it. Your name is most important, this can then be linked to other wording or graphics that are self explanatory to your business purpose.

Web Design

Let us design your website from scratch. We can do everything from your domain name, email and web hosting, design, photography and prop styling. Having your own domain name isn’t expensive and it allows your business to have a more professional appearance. You can be instead of We can setup your domain, web hosting and a basic web page for as little as $400.


Building Installation
Want to get your message across in a really BIG way? Get an impact sign installed on your building. For the best building coverage consult us today on how to make your message BIGGER! To read a sign from 50m away means the text height will need to be 100mm. After all better sign coverage means better business.

Shop Front Installation
Your Shop Front must look professional to increase exposure and promote confidence in your business. As this is what customers first see it is highly recommended that you get industry expertise in the design and installation stages when considering shop front signage.

Vehicle Installation
Let us design and install vehicle signage that will turn any eye! Choose from a part or full vinyl or digital wrap.

Installation Service for Sign Industry
We also install vehicle or building signs at a trade rate for other sign companies whether local or from other states. One of our regular partners is Liberty Signs who have 40 different locations across Australia. Please feel free to contact them to ask about the quality of our service. Their phone number is 1300 137 811 and their website address is

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