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Electro Cut Signs have been providing cost-effective signage for over 30 years to the Brisbane area, and we can ship throughout Australia. Our products withstand the climate in the area to look great for years. There is no project too large for us to handle quickly and to your specifications.

Effective Safety Signs in Brisbane

An essential part of instilling a culture of safety is to make sure everybody is continuously aware and educated about the risks. Safety signs convey messages to employees and visitors of hazards in the area or procedures they should follow. Even though they cover a variety of topics, effectual safety signs have common characteristics.

Effective signs use simple, concise wording so they can be well-understood. Diagrams and symbols can replace words to aid comprehension, and they are especially helpful for industries that have well known symbolic language or if you expect English not be somebody’s native tongue. No matter if the sign uses words or pictures it should be large enough to be easily visible.

Bright colours make a sign stand out even if the background is a busy work environment. Oranges, reds, bright greens, and yellows catch the eye, ensuring signs aren’t overlooked. You can choose colours that are contrasting to the building or equipment on which you’ll place the sign.

Proper placement of signs increases their effectiveness as well. Safety signs should be used in areas where there are hazards such as places where people can fall or slip, where large equipment is in use, and where personal protective equipment is required.

Sometimes hazards go unseen or are not as apparent as others such as radioactivity, high voltage, and corrosive materials. Even though employees will be trained to handle such circumstances safely, visitors and occasional workers might be unaware. Safety signs alert people to these types of hidden dangers.

Safety and SWL Sticker

We offer a variety of safety stickers to label flammable, corrosive, or toxic materials. Many regulations exist that require proper labelling of certain types of materials used in industry. Our safety stickers are a cost-effective way to be compliant with such mandates. They are a lot cheaper than fines or lost time that you could incur if you are in violation.

Safe workloads or SWL is the load limit equipment can handle without failure. An SWL sticker displays the information in a quick to read format, to ensure employees stay within safe ranges. Our SWL sticker is durable to withstand rough work environments, so they remain intact and readable.

We are industry leaders in providing adequate safety signs and stickers because we pay attention to detail. For example, we understand different types of surfaces to tailor make signage to your unique needs. If you need safety signs or an SWL sticker for your equipment contact Electro Cut Signs in Brisbane. We are confident you will be happy with our fast and effective sign solutions.

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