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According to the most recent statistics available, just under 40 people die in workplace related accidents every year in Queensland. The number who are only injured can often reach the hundreds. Fortunately, that number is down significantly from past years because workplace safety has become one of the top concerns of business owners and managers. Many buildings carry much better safety signs to help protect employees or customers.

Not every business has to worry about every kind of workplace related accident. Yet if there is a potential hazard or danger in your building you need to have safety signs that instruct people what to watch out for, if they need to move in a particular direction to avoid the hazard or if they shouldn’t enter an area of concern. Safety signs that are clearly visible and well-designed go a long way to prevent any problems from occurring in your building or business. If you’re looking for a full selection of safety signs in Ipswich for your building visit Electro Cut Signs.

Important to have building safety signs in Ipswich

You can best protect your employees along with any visitors to your work site or customers in your shop if you make sure that your building has sufficient safety signs and stickers. It doesn’t matter if your small business or a large company. Ensuring proper signage means fewer workplace accidents and less risk to employees, visitors, or customers.

It’s important to select the right safety sign for each location in your building that needs one. Remember different parts of your building may require different signs or stickers. This is where safety signs become essential communication tools. You or your company should do a risk assessment of each area of your building. This will help you identify the locations where you need to warn people about any potential hazard or need for caution. Then you and your company can decide what the appropriate safety signs should be and how often it should be changed so that people don’t just ignore them after a while because of over-familiarity. We are happy to talk with you about your need for building safety signs in Ipswich.

Protecting your employees and customers

We offer a large variety of signs or safety stickers for Ipswich about workplace health and safety issues that you can use on your building. You can buy our stickers in packets that come in single colours or multi-colours. They can be easily applied or removed by any individual. You will also find the prices very competitive.

Your building may require safety signage rather than stickers. A low-priced option is placing decals, stickers or prints on substrate backing material, of which we offer several kinds. If you’re located in our local Brisbane and Ipswich area, we can come to your building and attach the signs using traditional fasteners or new varieties of glue. These adhesives hold exceptionally well, and there is no need for fasteners or screws to assist in keeping the sign in place. Electro Cut Signs offers a wide variety of safety stickers in Ipswich. We are also happy to ship any of our signs, decals, or stickers to any location in Australia.

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