Striking Commercial Vehicle Wrap or Decals in Ipswich

It’s a striking sight. Sitting on a bench by a roadway or perhaps in your car at a traffic light or standing on the street waiting for the light to change. You look up as a bus or truck rolls by and it immediately grabs your attention because of the commercial vehicle wrapping. Basically, it’s a big rolling billboard. Hard to miss and hard to forget. This kind of vehicle wrap grabs your eye and your attention. It’s branding done in a very contemporary fashion and seen by many people every day in Ipswich.

For the advertiser, it provides a way to spread their message, their logo, and their phone number throughout Ipswich. If you been thinking about advertising your business using commercial vehicle wrap in Ipswich, you need to contact Electro Cut Signs.

We do professional commercial vehicle wrap in Ipswich

Just as interesting are some of the questions it raises for the people in Ipswich who see commercial vehicle wrapping. Can people see through the advertising if it goes across a window? Yes, quite easily actually. How do they get the wrap to fit so tightly on the bus or truck? In the hands of professionals, the process from conception of the idea to installation takes a little less than a month, and they use a special cleaning method that helps the wrap adhere tightly to the vehicle. Do many people see the mobile ad? The average bus or commercial vehicle can spend several hours a day on the road so possible viewers number in the tens of thousands. Does it cost much? Not as much as it would cost to reach the same number of people if you bought a print, TV, or radio ad.

Is it hard to remove? No. There are two tricks to making sure it’s an easy removal: don’t leave it on past any manufacturer’s warranty (usually measured in years) and don’t apply it if the vehicle was just painted. Other than those two cautions, professionals such as our applicators know that it can be done easily without any damage to the paint job underneath.

Prefer decals to vehicle wrapping?

Perhaps wrapping your commercial vehicle is more than you need. You would prefer to use commercial vehicle decals in Ipswich. Not a problem at all. Decals are a faster and less expensive alternative to full vehicle wraps as they are designed to work with the colour of the car.

Regardless of the type of vehicle or painted surface, we can create, print, and install any decal you desire. You can apply or remove them yourself just as easily. These graphics are waterproof and can be used on the glass either inside or outside the vehicle as needed. We ship decals across Australia so we can provide you with sharp, clear decals no matter where you work in the country.

Our team of qualified design and installation professionals can give any vehicle an eye-catching look. When you’re looking for quality commercial vehicle wrapping or commercial vehicle decals in Ipswich Electro Cut Signs is made to order for you and your business.

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